Keeping it cool during the summer takes more than just a laid-back attitude, it takes a great air conditioning system. Without properly functioning air conditioning summer days spent indoors can be nearly unbearable.

We are here to help with all of your air conditioner repair and installation needs. Let our talented HVAC experts make sure your home is comfortable, even when it’s sweltering outside. We will keep you clued in every step of the way, ensuring that you know why your cooling system broke, how it works, and how to make sure it runs well from now on. If you’re curious about our repair and installation services, feel free to check out our AC frequently asked questions page.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Refrigerant is leaking

Your air conditioner contains refrigerant which absorbs heat from the surrounding air. However, refrigerant is liable to leak, and a leaking AC can leave you without cool air. If you need repairs for a leaking air conditioner, we can help.

Electronic controls are failing

If you have an air conditioner that won’t turn on, or a conditioner that won’t turn off, its electronic components may be going haywire. You may also have an issue with your thermostat. Regardless, we can troubleshoot your AC system’s electronic components, and fix the problem at hand.

Sensor is encountering problems

If the sensor of your thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, it can cause your air conditioner to kick on prematurely, or it can mean that your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all.

Drainage is inadequate

Your air conditioner produces condensation. As such, it requires adequate drainage to ensure that it isn’t damaged by water retention. If you don’t have adequate drainage, we can install a drainage solution that suits your AC, its size, and the space where it sits.

Home has warm air leaking in

If your home isn’t properly insulated, you’re losing precious cool air to the elements. We can inspect the ductwork of your home, where your air conditioner attaches to your home, and the rest of the envelope of your home to see where air is leaking in. It’s our goal to improve the comfort of your home, to reduce the amount of use your AC gets, to improve your energy bill, and to extend the life of your air conditioner.

Electric terminal inspections and adjustment

Electric terminals are prone to wear out, just the same as any other component. That can be especially true for terminals that are outside and unprotected from the elements. We’ll make sure that your terminals aren’t exposed or damaged, and we’ll repair or adjust terminals that need attention.

Oiling your AC motor

Like the motor in your car, the motor in your air conditioner requires oil to continually run smoothly. Without sufficient oil, you can end up shortening the life of your air conditioner. We’ll apply oil that will keep your motor running as it should, ensuring that your AC doesn’t wear out.

Checking motor belts

Belts can wear out, tear, and snap entirely, which could affect the efficiency of your cooling unit, or it can lead to a complete failure. When you have a motor belt that requires replacing, we’ll take care of it.

Testing the thermostat

The thermostat in your home or building is responsible for triggering cooling cycles from your air conditioner. If you have a thermostat that isn’t properly calibrated, you could end up uncomfortable, or your AC could be running too often. Regardless, we’ll give your thermostat a check, to make sure it is accurate.

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