If you want to avoid sweat, discomfort, and overheating, we can help! We’re here to ensure that your air conditioning system is running well and in good condition with regularly-scheduled air conditioner maintenance. Curious about our AC maintenance services? Check out our AC frequently asked questions page.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Include All Of The Following

Refrigerant level check

Your refrigerant is a specialized chemical substance that traps heat. Through compression and circulation, refrigerants capture heat from the air surrounding pipes that contain refrigerant, creating a cooled volume of air. This air is subsequently pumped throughout your home to provide comfortable temperatures. We’ll check the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner unit or units to ensure that your cooling system is operating efficiently.

Central system inspection for leaky ducts

A leaky duct could be costing you huge volumes of cooled air. Plus, a leaky duct means that your air conditioner will be running longer, and your electrical bill will be higher. We inspect ductwork for leaks, and we’ll patch any issues that we encounter, ensuring that you keep the cool air where you want it.

Airflow measurement of the evaporator coil

Air should flow through your evaporator coil to continually cool your home or building. Unfortunately, particles, dust, and dirt can accumulate on the coil, restricting air flow. That can reduce the efficiency of your system, and it may result in a frozen evaporator coil, which can cause further problems. We’ll check your coil to make sure that enough air is flowing through it.

Electric terminal inspections and adjustment

Electric terminals are prone to wear out, just the same as any other component. That can be especially true for terminals that are outside and unprotected from the elements. We’ll make sure that your terminals aren’t exposed or damaged, and we’ll repair or adjust terminals that need attention.

Oiling your AC motor

Like the motor in your car, the motor in your air conditioner requires oil to continually run smoothly. Without sufficient oil, you can end up shortening the life of your air conditioner. We’ll apply oil that will keep your motor running as it should, ensuring that your AC doesn’t wear out.

Checking motor belts

Belts can wear out, tear, and snap entirely, which could affect the efficiency of your cooling unit, or it can lead to a complete failure. When you have a motor belt that requires replacing, we’ll take care of it.

Testing the thermostat

The thermostat in your home or building is responsible for triggering cooling cycles from your air conditioner. If you have a thermostat that isn’t properly calibrated, you could end up uncomfortable, or your AC could be running too often. Regardless, we’ll give your thermostat a check, to make sure it is accurate.

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