With the new spring season in full-swing, we roll into warmer weather, and inch closer and closer to summer! Summer in north Houston can be described plainly as HOT, so having your AC in working order is must before the summer heat hits! Don’t be left in panic and sweltering disarray when your AC unit quits in the midday heat or when your cool air is no longer crisp and frigidly cool — don’t delay and have your HVAC system serviced today.

For skilled, experienced, and pleasant AC professionals who provide the finest AC repair and maintenance in addition to AC installations, connect with Owen AC Services today. Don’t get stuck in a miserably scorching home environment, have your AC checked out today! Follow our tips to learn about how home AC units function!

Air Conditioner Categories

Did you realize home air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes, crafted perfectly for your cooling needs? Home air conditioners differ in design and function, but they’re all working to cool your north Houston home and keep the environment cool and comfortable.

The simplest of air conditioners are window AC units. These units are flexible and can be moved from room-to-room for your cooling comfort. This unit is considered to be self-contained with all of its cooling components including a compressor, refrigerant, expansion valve, evaporator coil and condenser in one solitary unit. The unit is placed within a window and the hot air runs to the outdoors, while the cool air stays indoors. These AC units are wonderful for small spaces or individual rooms.

Similar to the window AC unit is the compact and movable AC unit. This unit sits on the floor indoors and while the cool air is being dispersed, the hot air is being pumped through a hose vent through a window or wall. These units are somewhat noisy and used for temporary cooling when a window AC unit isn’t viable.

The takeaway on both the window and compact AC units is that they’re both relatively cost-effective options for small spaces that don’t have house-wide air conditioning. They may not be the most energy-efficient options but are a quick and simple fix to cool a room in the summertime heat.

If you’re not using a central AC system but want an alternate option to the window or compact options, a split or ductless air conditioning system would be another great choice. The split system is a popular choice in multi-unit buildings, hotels, along with homes. A split unit usually offers both heating and cooling options. The split breaks into exterior and interior components — the condensing unit is located on the exterior and the evaporative unit is indoors. The units work in tandem through refrigerant tubing that runs to each unit, connecting them from the interior and exterior.

Central air conditioning is one of the most popular and conventional of home AC systems. Comparable to the split AC, central AC has two parts — the condensing unit and evaporative unit, and again, are connected through refrigerant tubing.

  • Condenser unit – This unit is based outdoors and it contains the fan, coils, and compressor.
  • Evaporative unit – This unit is placed indoors near your furnace and has an expansion valve and evaporator coil.

Because the indoor unit is near the furnace, it is able to use the same ductwork and blower fan that your heating system employs. If you need a system to cool a large area or your entire home, this AC system works wonders.

The Size of Your AC Matters

When it comes to an AC unit, you’ll need one to fit just right — as one that is too large will not properly dehumidify an cause performance issues and one that is too small will not cool appropriately. When it comes to the right size of AC contacting a professional is the best course of action, otherwise you’re stuck having to calculate the length and width of the room and find the British Thermal Unit (BTU). Because too much of a good thing can be overkill and too little of something can be a waste of money, do yourself a favor and call the professionals!

Choosing the type of AC unit you use will be different for every home, but we’ve covered the basic unit types, including window, compact, spit, and central air AC units — reach out to us if you have any further questions!

If you’re over window and compact AC units and need a more proficient option to cool your home, call Owen AC Services today for the best in split and central air AC installations.