1. All About Air Conditioners (For Your Summer Reading Pleasure!)

    With the new spring season in full-swing, we roll into warmer weather, and inch closer and closer to summer! Summer in north Houston can be described plainly as HOT, so having your AC in working order is must before the summer heat hits! Don’t be left in panic and sweltering disarray when your AC unit quits in the midday heat or when your cool air is no longer crisp and frigidly cool — don’t…Read More

  2. Is Your Home Ready for Summer in Houston?

    The seasons are changing, fostering new growth, and the temperatures are beginning to climb here in Houston. With the warmer weather it’s about that time of year when the HVAC system switches primarily to cooling your home, and although you cannot control the environment outside, there are measures you can take to ensure a comfortable environment indoors. In today’s post, we’ll look at thing…Read More