1. Is Your AC Prepped and Ready for Summer?

    In north Houston, summer is a wonderful time for playing outdoors — whether it’s going boating and frolicking in the lakes or hitting up a local swimming pool — steering clear of the heat means finding a cool fresh body of water! Staying indoors is also a summer refuge from the sizzling summer sun, so having an AC unit that is primed and ready for action is necessary for the residents of Hou…Read More

  2. Three More Tips to Make Your Houston Home Energy Efficient For Summer (Part Two)

    In our last post, we covered energy efficiency tips, such as optimizing your windows, controlling your thermostat, and combining cooling methods for optimal energy efficiency to better cool your home in the Houston summer heat! In today’s post, we’ll explore a couple more energy efficient improvements you can make to ensure you have a refreshing and cozy space. If you’re looking for industry…Read More

  3. Three Tips to Make Your Houston Home Energy Efficient For Summer (Part One)

    Things really begin to start to heat up in Houston in the spring and summer seasons, which means the AC flips on and runs consistently throughout the next seven months. Running your AC not only means a bigger energy bill each month, but it also calls for routine maintenance on your HVAC system. In today’s post, we’re offering up tips on how to make your Houston home more energy efficient to pr…Read More

  4. Tips for a Better HVAC System

    Taking a little time to care for your HVAC system can pay off in a big way! A well-maintained system is less likely to cost you money on repairs, and proper care can make your system run more efficiently, saving you cash on energy bills. Take a moment to read over some of our best tips for care and maintenance, and remember our fully-licensed team for the tougher maintenance work! Clean Your Air …Read More