There’s a reason why folks here in Montgomery count on us for their HVAC services. We’re simply the best local source for affordable, trustworthy services. Owen AC Services provides a variety of heating and cooling services for our neighbors here in Montgomery and throughout the Houston area, including furnace and AC unit installations, repairs, and maintenance. Plus, we go above and beyond by offering a few additional comfort and climate control service solutions, by offering both dehumidifier and air purifier installations. You can count on the experts here at Owen AC Services to ensure that your home is comfortable and your air is clean, year round. If you’re ready to kick off your project, a quick quote is just a click or a call away. You can also learn more about our individual HVAC and air quality services below.

AC Installations & Repairs

When you need to escape from that Texas summer heat, your home should be the first place that you have in mind. However, without a working air conditioner, you could find yourself sweating it out, fanning yourself on the couch. Fortunately, Owen AC Services isn’t too far away, and we’d be happy to help you out with speedy AC unit repairs or a whole-unit installation. We can fix any problem that your current cooling system may have, and we’d be happy to install a new unit or to replace your existing unit. Count on Owen to keep cool this summer, and reach out to us if you should run into any of the following common AC issues:

  • A lack of maintenance
  • Dirty or improperly working filters
  • Extreme wear and tear
  • Thermostat issues
  • Dirty or frozen coils
  • Compressor issues
  • Broken blower fan
  • Low refrigerant levels

AC Maintenance

A regular AC unit maintenance interval is a smart idea. With Owen AC Services, we can stop by your home once per year to ensure that your cooling unit is operating at its best. We’ll work to ensure that all of your components are operating as they were designed, so that your HVAC system is operating efficiently. Plus, our regular maintenance services are designed to improve the longevity of your unit. When you call on us for AC maintenance, we provide all of the following services and checks:

  • Refrigerant level check
  • Duct inspection for leaks
  • Measurement of airflow over the evaporator coil
  • Checking electric terminals and performing adjustments
  • Oiling and examining the motor belts
  • Thermostat testing

Heating Installation & Repairs

When it’s the dead of winter, you may dream of cozying up by the fireplace. That said, most homes are outfitted with a more modern solution — the furnace. If your home has yet to have a furnace installed or if your current furnace isn’t up and running, we can help. Count on the expert HVAC techs here at Owen AC Services to repair your heating unit, or to install a new unit in your abode — you’ll love the consistent temperatures and peace of mind that your unit will provide. We can assess and fix all of the following issues:

  • A lack of maintenance
  • Dirty or improperly working filters
  • Extreme wear and tear
  • Electric ignition or pilot control problems
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • Excessive cycling
  • A continuously running blower
  • Excessive noise

Heating Maintenance

With Owen’s regular maintenance services, you can rest assured that your furnace will operate at its best. We perform a variety of tasks to keep your furnace running efficiently. It’s our goal to keep your furnace running as long as it is designed, without wasting energy on keeping it running. Here’s a list of the tasks that we perform with each of our maintenance calls:

  • Burner adjustments
  • Motor, bearing, fan, and circulator lubrication
  • Oil nozzle and filter replacement
  • Safety and operating control tests and adjustments
  • Flue pipe, combustion chamber, and barometric damper inspections
  • Air filter replacement

Air Purifiers

Whole-home purifiers work wonders to improve the air quality of your home. We recommend air purifiers for folks here in Montgomery who are sensitive to pollen, pet dander, dust, pollutants, and any other particles that can become airborne. We can install a whole-home air purifier in a jiff, so that you can breathe easy knowing your air is pure.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Humidity can prove to be a serious problem in Montgomery, and if left unchecked your home could begin to accumulate mold and mildew. Beyond that, muggy summer days may feel unbearable. With a whole-home dehumidifier, you’ll enjoy better comfort and climate control, and your home will be protected against hazardous mold and mildew.

Count on Owen AC Services

If you’re ready to improve the temperature and air quality of your home, we’re ready to help. We’d be happy to stop by to provide you with any heating, cooling, and air quality services that you demand. Get your project started with a quick quote — again, we provide HVAC services for folks throughout Montgomery and the Houston area!