In north Houston, summer is a wonderful time for playing outdoors — whether it’s going boating and frolicking in the lakes or hitting up a local swimming pool — steering clear of the heat means finding a cool fresh body of water! Staying indoors is also a summer refuge from the sizzling summer sun, so having an AC unit that is primed and ready for action is necessary for the residents of Houston.

A working AC system, whether it’s a split unit or central air, makes life much more pleasant for both the people and the space that you all share. To spread happiness and positivity, have your AC system checked before the energy from the sweltering sun hits! Owen AC Services is north Houston’s premier HVAC company, so if you want the best in town, call them today! In the meantime, follow along as we provide you with tips to prepare your AC unit for summer!

Check Your AC Filters

AC filter maintenance is a quick task that you as a homeowner can complete before you have a professional come in for routine maintenance. If your AC system seems a little sluggish after its winter hibernation, changing the filters may be the restoration it needs to perform optimally. In addition, having clean fresh filters greatly improves the air quality in your home — so get rid of your dirty and clogged filter! Replacing filters is always an important step your AC’s maintenance, but this is a critical preparation step in the spring and summer seasons.

How do you know if the filter needs to be replaced? Filters will appear with dust and other airborne particulates, so if it’s full, change it! When a filter becomes too full to perform, it will cling and disperse to other components and vent openings, eventually channeling the compressor to work overtime and creating a vastly inefficient system.

Tidy Up

If you have either a split unit or central air, they both have a condenser unit based outdoors. After fall and winter, the unit is more likely to be disheveled and in need of a facelift. Begin by clearing the area around the condenser from plant life including shrubs and roots to fallen leaves and animal droppings. Any unwarranted buildup can constrain airflow and cause energy efficiency issues.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Scheduling routine AC maintenance with a professional is the ideal action to take when preparing your AC unit for summer operations.

A skilled and proficient technician will complete a couple of tasks to get your AC unit up and running. HVAC systems function properly when there is proper air flow, so addressing your vents is high-priority. Before the technicians arrive, you can always give the ducts a once-over to ensure there are no visible blockages. If you there are no visible blockages, you can examine the vents in each room and vacuum the exterior. When the technician arrives, they will be able to open the system up and resolve any blockage issues.

If your air doesn’t seem as cold this season, it could be a thermostat issue. While you’re having routine maintenance performed, ask if they can do a thermostat check to make sure it’s ready the temperature correctly.

If you haven’t prepped your HVAC system for summer, now is the time to do so. Start with checking and replacing AC filters, cleaning up the outdoor area around the AC condenser, and scheduling routine maintenance with a professional to check vents and thermostat functions.

At Owen AC Services, we want your AC unit to be prepped and ready for all that the north Houston summer brings! To schedule a routine HVAC system checkup, contact us today!