Taking a little time to care for your HVAC system can pay off in a big way! A well-maintained system is less likely to cost you money on repairs, and proper care can make your system run more efficiently, saving you cash on energy bills. Take a moment to read over some of our best tips for care and maintenance, and remember our fully-licensed team for the tougher maintenance work!

Clean Your Air Filter

Keeping your air filter clean is the easiest way to make sure that your system runs as efficiently as possible. You’ll improve your indoor air quality significantly when you clean your filters regularly!

Clean the Condenser Coil

You can trust our advice, because we’ve been proudly serving the area for 10 years.
When dirt and dust collect on the condenser coil, they can make your system less efficient. Take a moment to clean it off! You can do it while watering the plants. Just take care not to spray water on any electrical components.

Get Regular Maintenance

Of course, the simplest way to care for your system is to stay one step ahead of problems with our powerful maintenance services. Call today to learn about our HVAC maintenance program and to get started — we provide HVAC services for folks throughout north Houston!